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Oncology / Immuno-Oncology

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Acutis Align™ Oncology Panels

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ACUTIS-ALIGN-1Designed to support prospective genomic screening for patient enrollment in clinical trials, as well as retrospective analyses to help explain clinical outcomes and drug target discovery:

- Paired tissue, ctDNA, and germline sequencing for screening
- Liquid biopsy for patient monitoring and characterization
  of possible treatment-resistant mutations

Following each sequencing analysis, our bioinformatic experts analyze the data generated and interpret the results for you.

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Key Benefits: 

Broad coverage of genetic alterations in tissue and liquid biopsy.

Acutis Align™ Targeted Panels provide in-depth coverage of the most actionable genes and mutations that are specific to each cancer type.

Acutis Align™ pan-cancer comprehensive panels provide a more extensive molecular profile that provides a larger footprint for clinical decisions and research.

* Our CLIA-certified laboratory runs proprietary oncology assays validated by regulatory standards and best practice guidelines, planned for submission to the New York Department of Health.

Illumina® TruSightTM
Oncology 500 Tissue (TSO 500) Panel

Optimized panel with more coverage

  • Pan-cancer comprehensive genomic sequencing.
  • Solid tumors (FFPE): 523 genes for DNA variants and 55 genes for RNA fusion and splice variants.
  • Liquid biopsies (ctDNA): 523 genes for DNA variants and 23 genes for DNA fusion.
  • Variants called: SNVs, MNVs, InDels, CNVs, Fusions/Rearrangements, Splice Variants
  • The assay also measures key immune-oncology biomarkers: microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB).


Illumina TruSightTM Hereditary Cancer Panel

Hereditary cancer panels for whole blood or saliva

  • 113 genes related to cancer predisposition
  • Includes 125 SNPs—48 ID SNPs, 77 for polygenic risk scoring (PRS)

Specialty Laboratory Services

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To meet your translational research needs,
we offer to support molecular diagnostics and anatomic pathology services
to complete the picture from comprehensive NGS profiling.

In-situ hybridization (ISH)- FISH and CISH

While a gene copy number (CN) can be estimated by NGS, you may require ISH, still a “gold standard,” to assess a target gene amplification or loss. The test can be performed on smaller amounts of tissue compared to NGS. ISH's offering includes the assays approved by FDA as companion diagnostics or patient management.

Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR)

Acutis offers qPCR as an alternative to NGS in some cases where the target can be limited to specific mutations that can be performed on smaller amounts of samples with a quicker turn-around-time. Our PCR offering includes the assays approved by FDA as companion diagnostics or patient management.

Digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) ddPCR is a novel molecular biology technique that provides absolute quantification of target nucleic acids without the need for an external calibrator. While qPCR assay has a broader dynamic range, ddPCR assay has a significantly higher degree of sensitivity and precision.
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) A tissue sample can be profiled at nucleic acid level via NGS, PCR, ddPCR, or ISH but IHC is unique in its ability to characterize a biomarker at a protein level and can demonstrate the protein spatial configuration within tumor cells or tumor microenvironment. The test can be performed on a tiny amount of tissue within a short turn-around-time. IHC offering includes the assays approved by FDA as companion diagnostics or patient management.
Digital Pathology In addition to the screening of each ISH or IHC slide by a board-certified pathologist, Acutis performs full slide scan to score broader areas of interest and provide the scan to a client for independent review, making the annotated image for a presentation or publication, and/or use the scan as a permanent study record.

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