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Elevating Science Excellence in Precision Medicine

A partnership that is simply different

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Where Client-First Mindset Meets Robust Science

And Exceptional Becomes The New Standard

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Introducing a holistic approach to next-generation multi-omics

The Biomarker Insights You Need to Advance Clinical Discovery

Accelerating the success of precision medicine from research & development to commercial delivery




With a client-first mindset, cutting-edge laboratory capabilities and technologies, and the agility to adapt as next-generation therapies evolve, Acutis Biosciences stands with a firm belief that extraordinary science should be coupled with an unwavering commitment to service.

We support the life-changing work of pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), and device manufacturers with individualized service and quality at scale.

Best-in-class precision assays
Fit-for-purpose custom assays
End-to-end logistics solutions  


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Infectious Diseases

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Elevating our Partnership to Another Level

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Start your next project with a seasoned laboratory partner experienced
in translational & clinical trial biomarker testing services, and companion diagnostic development.


Unparalleled execution
from sample reception
to data delivery


Eliminate uncertainty
at all steps with
active communications


You can rely on us,
we will guide you
through the Acutis journey

Deep Science

Grounded in
scientific excellence,
relentlessly focused on setting standards above
the industry

Testing for Clinical Trial Samples

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With NGS capabilities for highly regulated clinical testing and research studies,
Acutis is building on a history of more than 20 clinical assays
that have been approved by the New York Department of Health.

Samples Processed
Patients Served

Laboratory Capabilities

  • Comprehensive NGS gene panels  
  • Sequenced tissue and liquid biopsies  
  • Anatomic and molecular pathology testing
  • Indication-focused in-depth gene signatures
  • PCR and ddPCR 
  • IHC and FISH


Clinical Sample Services

  • Custom kit development
  • Robust sample tracking & reconciliation 
  • Unequivocal logistical expertise

A Client-first Mindset for Translational & Clinical Research

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Your success is a measure of ours.

In collaboration with your teams, we tailor our approach
to meet your project’s unique needs to answer questions, identify solutions, and deliver results that help you enhance a drug’s probability of success.